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Cassowary hunting @ Mission Beach

After our adventure yesterday, January 4th was a quiet day. In the morning we packed our bags again and headed towards Townsville. Not for any particular reason, other than breaking our trip to Cairns. We expected a small beach town, but were quite surprised by Townsville’s size. Our […]

A different point of view

Today we visited the Great Barrier reef. Now, you will probably expect a story about snorkelling or diving, lots of water and fish. But dearies, none of that! We decided to do things differently and fly over the reef to take a good look at it from the sky! So there we were at Hervey Bay planning our next moves. Our initial plan was, just like everyone else’s, to go to the Whitsunday […]

Crikey – what a day!

A must see here at the east coast is of course Steve Irwin’s Australia zoo. And with mr. Scientist’s love for zoos and my wanting a picture with a koala, we had a clear mission today! Like I said, mr. Scientist loves zoos, so usually whenever there is […]

Brisbane from the skies

We decided to say goodbye to Brisbane on a high note and see some Aboriginal art on the way. After having packed everything up yesterday, we headed over to the second botanical gardens of Brisbane. I had read about mount Coot-tha, from where you are supposed to have a great […]

A Dutch day in Brisbane

Today is our first day back at the East Coast. Last time we traveled from Sydney to Adelaide. This time the plan is to go from Brisbane to Cairns. We had a bit of a slow start today, which admittedly freaked me out a bit (guess we are […]

Bye bye WA

It is the 26th of December and time to say goodbye to Western Australia and return to the East Coast. Check out time in all Australian residencies is 10am. You would think that packing up after just two days will be easy peasy, but unfortunately, it never is. […]

It’s Christmas time!

Since it was Christmas eve and we were in Australia at the beach, we got into our own swimming gear, took our food and wine and went over to the beach! When we got to the beach at around 6pm, there was still some swimming going on, but […]

Margaret river wineries

Like I said in an earlier post, the natural pase of things in Western Australia seems to be to go hiking and than drinking. So, after two days of hiking it was time to check out Margaret River, the most famous wine region of Western Australia. The day […]