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New Zealand Fiords

The next destination is one that is on all the New Zealand to do lists I have seen so far: Milford Sound. This is where the New Zealand Fiords live. Actually, Milford Sound is a part of the Fiordland National Park that lies on the other side (so […]

Dunedin Pyramids and Albatrosses

We awoke after a good night’s rest in our castle. Although I must come clean now: we were not actually staying as much in the castle, as in the transformed former stables. Which meant that we had our complimentary breakfast next to mr. Horse, who was still wearing […]


After walking for almost 20km to the foot of Mount Cook / Aoraki yesterday, we did nothing the rest of the day. Which meant that we still had one walk to do the following day: to the Tasman Lake. Although the weather was the opposite of the day […]

Entering Kiwi zone

It has been a little over a week since we crossed the Tasmanian Sea and flew from Cairns to Christchurch, New Zealand. Since then we have seen many, many mountains, huge and beautiful lakes, Lord of the Rings locations and stayed at the only castle in New Zealand. […]

Cassowary hunting @ Mission Beach

After our adventure yesterday, January 4th was a quiet day. In the morning we packed our bags again and headed towards Townsville. Not for any particular reason, other than breaking our trip to Cairns. We expected a small beach town, but were quite surprised by Townsville’s size. Our […]

A different point of view

Today we visited the Great Barrier reef. Now, you will probably expect a story about snorkelling or diving, lots of water and fish. But dearies, none of that! We decided to do things differently and fly over the reef to take a good look at it from the sky! So there we were at Hervey Bay planning our next moves. Our initial plan was, just like everyone else’s, to go to the Whitsunday […]

Pinnacles and karri forest

After leaving mr. Scientist’s family in Perth, we first went up north to visit the Pinnacles. I expected something like the 12 Apostels, but what I got was this: Totally different! All of a sudden we were in the middle of a desert, with yellow instead of red […]