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Crikey – what a day!

A must see here at the east coast is of course Steve Irwin’s Australia zoo. And with mr. Scientist’s love for zoos and my wanting a picture with a koala, we had a clear mission today! Like I said, mr. Scientist loves zoos, so usually whenever there is […]

Pinnacles and karri forest

After leaving mr. Scientist’s family in Perth, we first went up north to visit the Pinnacles. I expected something like the 12 Apostels, but what I got was this: Totally different! All of a sudden we were in the middle of a desert, with yellow instead of red […]

Adelaide and Kangaroo island

On December 6th we woke up quite cheerfully and moved on to Adelaide. We checked into our hotel, dumped our luggage again and returned the car to the rental agency. Since we were downtown already, we hit the arcades for some lunch and shopping. Since I can’t buy […]