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Grampians National Park

On our way from Melbourne to Adelaide, we decided to visit the Grampians National Park. Neither of us had ever heard of this park before, so we were in for a big surprise. We started out at the Visitor Centre in Halls Gap to get a basic idea […]

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, also known as the B100, is the most famous scenic drive along the south coast of Australia, stretching from just below Melbourne to Port Fairy. It’s almost impossible to visit Australia without at least considering driving here, so we decided to do just that. Before […]

Melbourne on a budget

Traveling can be expensive, but it turns out that you can spend an entire day in Melbourne almost for free. Today we did an extensive walk through the city, visited some highlights and ended our day at a free concert. Total expenditures: A$10,- on public transport and an […]


Sometimes you find amazing things in the most unexpected places. Going to Tasmania I expected wilderness and Tasmanian devils. I did not expect MONA. The museum of old and new art lies on the edge of Hobart. It is big, it is exciting, and it is mostly underground. […]

A day at Manly Beach

Yesterday we spent a day at Manly Beach. According to history, when captain Philip arrived with his First Fleet to found Sydney “[the indigenous people’s] confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place.” Nowadays, Manly Beach is a popular hangout for swimmers […]

Spotting Wildlife in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are not just great for hiking; they also contain a lot of Australian wildlife. Short-beaked Echidna Sometimes you’re just lucky. The very first animal on our very first hike in Australia turned out to be an Echidna, the egg-laying hedgehog lookalike, nephew of the platypus. […]

Walking through Sydney

It’s been two years since we first got the idea to visit Australia and now we’re finally there. Yesterday evening we arrived in the Sydney Kirketon Hotel after more than 20 hours of travel. The jet lag could have been worse; but at 6.30 in the morning we […]